Chevy Volt Happiness

Happiness Is Measured In Volts

The Happiest Drivers Are Volt Drivers

They posses a joy so electric that it can only be measured in volts. A playful palette of data visualization in videos, OLA and interactive online infographics developed to simplify the complex and give greater expression to the happiness Volt drivers experience.

Spread The Joy

We captured the joy of three Volt drivers and animated their stories for on-site viewing and OLA content.

Volt DC “Drivers Challenge” App

Created to give Volt owner-enthusiasts a chance to compete for efficiency rankings. Players not only earn accomplishment badges but national bragging rights.

“It’s more than an app – it’s a community of Volt owners engaged in friendly competition. You can track the efficiency of your Volt and set goals to maximize it. Then one-up other Volt drivers to earn achievements, scorecards and a spot on the leaderboards. Better yet, it’s all in the name of gallons saved.”