Redesigning Chevy Silverado

Vehicle Tease + Reveal

Reveal The Redesign

Not just a new truck, but the culmination of a life’s work in technology, power and efficiency. For the radically redesigned 2014 Chevy Silverado, we developed a fresh tone in photography, graphics and sound design to convey modernity while breaking with familiar rural cliches.

On-Site Validation Videos

Known internally as Project “K2XX”, we were tasked with teasing the reimagined 2014 Silverado without having access (or clearance) to show the final vehicle exterior. A classic agency-client situation. But we asked the right questions.

“Can we get into the test areas?”

“What if we keep the vehicle camouflaged?”

“Can we talk to the engineers?”

In the end we made almost a dozen shorts covering specific topics from Power Train to Towing…Durability to Efficiency…Seal Tests to Suspension. Views were high and reinforced the advanced tech story we wanted to convey.

Videos were additionally edited into TV spots and further site content.