SAAB Read The Road

And Close The Book On Top Gun

Repositioning Case Study

To distance Saab from the previous Born From Jets “Top Gun” execution, a refined Scandinavian palette and progressive voice were created. TV, print and online OLA explore the simple smartness of the brand while announcing Saab’s revolutionary Cross-Wheel Drive system (XWD).

Mobile and online demos continued the experience from an intelligent yet whimsical point-of-view.

Integrated Web Game

How do you let people know what Cross-Wheel Drive (XWD) feels like in an expanding banner ad? Turn it into a game and let players engage XWD on a mouse-drag course.

XWD OFF and the track was soft and slippery letting the mouse slide into cones.

XWD ON and the track suddenly was steady and controlled, imparting an almost magnetic feel to the mouse drag.